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General Information



1.1. Aims of the Romanian Master of Sciences (RMS) are:
        a) The challenging, encouragement and development of mathematically and informatics gifted school students from all participating teams;
        b) The fostering of friendly relationships among the students and teachers of the member countries;
        c) To create opportunities for the exchange of information of school syllabuses and practice within the member countries.
1.2. The Romanian Master of Physics is organized by the National High School Of Informatics "Tudor Vianu" in cooperation with the Mayor of sector 1, the Romanian Scientific Society of Physics and Ministry of Education, Research and Youth..
1.3. The official language of the RMS is the English language.
1.4. The Romanian Master of Physics is organized once every year. The RMPh 2017 will take place between October 25th to October 30th, 2017.


2.1. Participation in the RMS is by invitation only. Invitation should be sent by the RMS Committee at least two months before the contest day and it should include:
        a) three to six students from each invited team. Students must not have formally enrolled at a university or any other equivalent post-secondary institution
        b) two teachers (Leader and/or Deputy Leader).
        c) Observers including family members (the "Observers") may apply to accompany the Participants and the terms under which they can do so are detailed in sub-clause 3.4 below.
2.2. The official program (the "Official Program") as referred to below is the program and outline itinerary for the RMS 2017 and associated events and will be marked "Official Program".
2.3. Each invited country wishing to participate in the RMS 2017 must confirm its participation by completing in full the Form.
2.4. Leaders are responsible for the conduct of the Contestants, and for the avoidance of doubt the Leaders are acting in loco parents for their Contestants except where the RMS 2017 Organizing Committee has been notified in writing that an Observer has been nominated to act in loco parentis.
2.5. Leaders must ensure that their Contestants know and fully understand clause 5 of these Regulations. They must also make it clear that any Contestant who violates any of these Regulations may be liable to disqualification from the RMS. In order to avoid any trouble or accident, Leaders must also inform fully their Contestants of the contents of "Important Contest Information for Contestants".
2.6. Leaders of the invited countries and of the two Romanian Teams will form the Jury. The President of the Jury is nominated by the Romanian Organizers and will vote only in case of ballot.

Responsibility for Accommodation and Expenses

3.1. The RMPh Organizing Committee will provide free accommodation, meals, land-based transport according to the Official Program for all Leaders and Contestants.
3.2. Other than in respect of the provision of accommodation, meals and transport as detailed in clause 3.1 and the Official Program, the Organizing Committee shall not be liable under any circumstances for any costs or expenses for those who spends extra days in Romania outside the relevant dates specified in sub-clause 1.4 above, or;
3.3. All Participants and Observers are responsible for obtaining full accident, health and travel insurance. It is the Leader's responsibility to confirm that this condition has been met for all members of his or her team.

Contest Regulations

4.1. Each invited team should propose problems for Physics and they should be mailed to the Chairman of the Problem Selection Committee at least one month before the day of the contest. The proposed problems must be written in English and should include their solutions.
4.2. The Problem Selection Committee should prepare a list of at least 10, from the proposed ones, to be presented to the Jury. The Problem Selection Committee will present also the selected problems (6 problems) for the contest to the Jury and these will be approved by the vote of the leaders. The President of the Jury has the final vote in case of no majority.
4.3. The RMS 2017 contest will take place during two days and should have a duration of 4 hours continuously. The contest shall consist of three problems per day. Each contest will respect the rules of the International Olympiad including the scoring.
4.4. The problems will be given to each Contestant in his/her own language. On request a Contestant may receive the problems in the official language of the event.
4.5. Each Contestant must work independently and submit solutions in his/her own language. The solutions must be written on answer sheets provided by the RMS 2017 Organizing Committee. Contestants must write on only one side of each answer sheet.
4.6. The only instruments permitted in the Contest will be writing and drawing instruments, such as rulers and compasses. In particular, books, papers, tables, calculators, protractors, computers and communication devices will not be allowed into the examination room.
4.7. Members of the Jury, Observers and any others who have sight of the problems and solutions before the examinations shall do their utmost to ensure that no Contestant has information, direct or indirect, about any proposed problem. They must also ensure that all Contest problems and solutions are kept strictly confidential until after the entire Contest has finished. They will be barred, except for the case of emergency, from having any external communication with Contestants (and accompanying Observers) until the time of the conclusion of the examination. The RMS 2017 Organizing Committee will provide proper assistance in case of an emergency.
4.8. There will be two categories of prizes: prizes for teams and individual prizes. The prizes for teams will be only for the first three teams according to the descending sum of the best three scores in the team. Individual prizes will follow the IMO rules: the numbers of first, second and third prizes will be approximately in the ratio 1:2:3, given in decreasing order of scores.
4.9. Each Contestant shall receive a Certificate of Participation.
4.10. Special prizes may be awarded to particularly meritorious and elegant solutions.